Pirates of the Caribbean Star Pitches Interesting Spin-Off Idea

The future of Pirates of the Caribbean might currently be uncertain but Jack Davenport clearly has plans for the franchise. The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest star has just pitched a possible spin-off that would focus on the ambitious Commodore James Norrington.

Commodore Norrington has been an interesting part of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. Although he started out as an antagonist to Jack Sparrow, he later worked with the pirate. In the end, Norrington managed to redeem himself right before being killed by Davy Jones. So is there a chance we could see more of the character in the future?

Jack Davenport recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly where he was asked if he would be open to reprising his role as Commodore Norrington in a Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off similar to the Marvel and Star Wars shows on Disney+. Not surprisingly, the Kingsman: The Secret Service star pointed out that a show about his character is unlikely but he's still interested.

"A snowball in hell has a stronger chance of survival than the Commodore Norrington reboot, but sure," Davenport said with a laugh. He then sent a shoutout to producer Jerry Bruckheimer in hopes that he could get another shot at playing Norrington.

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"Jerry, if you're watching, which I know you're not, I'm there. Yes, you can put me back in brigade, I'll do it," Davenport said.

For now, it is unclear if Pirates of the Caribbean is getting any new projects. Nevertheless, we're hoping that we'll get an update on the franchise and there could be some spin-offs in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Disney had previously pulled the plug on the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot that would have starred Margot Robbie and would continue the franchise without Johnny Depp. Since then, there are speculations that a new project is in development with Jack Sparrow's return.

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