Pikachu, Pokemon Engagement & Wedding Rings are the Perfect Way to Propose

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You don't have to choose between your love for your significant other and your love for Pokemon. Now, you can have the best of both worlds, thanks to new Pokemon-inspired bridal rings.

Shinjuku's own Alta clothing store features a wide range of Pokemon jewelry that you can propose with to your loved one—especially they share your love for Pokemon. According to Anime News Network, the store offers made-to-order rings though the sample items look awesome as is.

There's a neat Pikachu engagement ring looks very elegant. When viewed from the top, it looks almost like an ordinary ornate engagement ring. But from the side, two Pikachus, male and female, are running towards the cubic zirconium stone.


There's also a pair of rings that can pass for wedding rings, each bearing a Pikachu. When put on top of each other, they form a heart, with that ends with Pikachu's tail. Another pair of rings shows off a string of Pokeballs.

The colors of the rings can vary. You can choose to have all-gold, all-platinum all-silver ring styles. There's also a mix and match of the two colors, highlighting either the bands, Pikachu, or the Pokeballs.

The shop also sells other Pokemon-themed jewelry, though you may not want to give this when proposing. That's because they feature the evolved forms of the original starters, Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise. There's also a Gengar in the mix.

Best of all, the rings come with a Pokeball case—just don't throw it at your loved one in an attempt to catch her (or him).

While they are cute, they are only available until Sept. 26, but the jewelry can be ordered via this link as well.

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