Pikachu Almost Had a Third Evolution Called Gorochu

It's been an interesting month for Pikachu fans. While the games haven't really involved the iconic Pokemon in a while, a former Game Freak employee has revealed some startling facts about the adorable creature. We just found out that the Pokemon was originally based on a squirrel and not a mouse.

Now we know that it was originally going to have a third evolution after Raichu.

During an interview with Yomiuru (via Siliconera), it was revealed that the third form of Pikachu was going to be called Gorochu. While it would have retained some similarities with the first two forms, Gorochu was also going to have bared fangs and a pair of horns, which sounds pretty horrifying.

Apparently, the Pokemon wasn't removed due to its initial appearance but because they had a hard time balancing the first two games. Anyone who has played Pokemon Red and Blue knows that these two titles are horribly unbalanced. Back then, a Psychic Pokemon was necessary since it had no weaknesses and did a ton of damage.

While Raichu is fine on its own, one has to wonder how the third form would have looked. The games have been more balanced in recent years but Game Freak has decided to keep Pikachu's evolution as is, most likely since the Pokemon is the face of the franchise, though they did add Pichu as a baby form.

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