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Phyrexian is Now Officially A Magic: The Gathering Creature Type But Will There Be an Errata Update?

With the release of the new legendary Magic: The Gathering Phyrexian Praetor from Kaldheim, Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider, we learned that Phyrexian is now a viable crature type. Wizards of the Coast previously said that it was far too late to make Phyrexian a creature type because it would be too confusing on past cards to consider it, but according to the comprehensive rules changes they released today, Phyrexian is now officially a creature type.

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When Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider was leaked and officially revealed last month, fans were surprised to see that the card's creature type is "Phyrexian Praetor".

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Last month, Magic head designer Mark Rosewater was asked why they decided to make Phyrexian a creature type, to which he responded on his Blogatog: "That was R&D's opinion for a long time, but enough of R&D changed that the opinion changed."

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If Phyrexian is now a creature type, does that mean that Wizards of the Coast will have to errata Phyrexian creatures released in previous sets? As Redditor pq13 pointed out, there are about 234 creatures that could get an errata because of this change.

Will there be an errata update for Phyrexian creatures?

On Jan. 30, Rosewater said on his Blogatog that there will be a Phyrexian creature type update similar to what happened to Dogs and Dinosaurs. We know that an errata for Phyrexians are coming, but Wizards of the Coast hasn't confirmed when they will reveal the update yet. The Magic head designer also ironically stated that there'll be "a few" creatures that'll retroactively have the new Phyrexian creature type

The Phyrexians' bio-mechanical corruption is the most fundamental part of their identity. There are a bunch of cards from the New Phyrexia set with the Phyrexian watermark, and there are many cards associated with Phyrexia, so we might see many Phyrexian creatures get an errata, but until we get that update, it's still unclear which of them will receive the new creature type.

What creatures do you think will get the Phyrexian creature type?

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