Phil Lord Seemingly Confirms Japanese Spider-Man is in Spider-Verse 2

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Yesterday I speculated that Japanese Spider-Man could be in Spider-Verse 2 seeing that producer Phil Lord had retweeted some fanart of the character's mech, but now it seems that Lord may have confirmed that there are, indeed, plans to include Supaidaman in the sequel.

When asked by a fan animator Shannon Tindle if she could work on designing Japanese Spider-Man for the movie, Lord had replied that the character was already designed. Check it out:

Of course, the movie is still in the development stages, and there's a lot of room for Japanese Spider-Man not to appear. Then again, with Lord confirming that there are already designs for the character, he may have a bigger role than I speculated.


With sequels usually going bigger with the gimmick of the last film, I expect we're going to be meeting an army of Spider-Men this time around. We only met a handful of them in the first film, but there are so many other different versions of Spidey that we have yet to meet onscreen. Besides Supaidaman, I'm sure some fans want to see the animated versions of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland's Spider-Men.

This is also just my guess, but I have a feeling we could be meeting alternate versions of villains as well. I mean, why stop at the Ultimate universe? What if Lady Doctor Octopus fell in love with the male version of herself? How about the Raimi version of J.J. running into the MCU version of the character?

It's all too exciting, and 2022 can't come any sooner. Catch Spider-Verse 2 when it hits theaters April 8, 2022.

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