Peter Pan and Wendy: Disney’s Peter Pan Remake to Begin Production This April

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With each of the live-action adaptations grossing more than a billion in the box office, you can bet that Disney is going to keep milking their IP for more box office gold. Peter Pan is next in line for the live-action tune up, and we have some significant updates on the project.

According to DiscussingFilm, the movie has now been dubbed Peter Pan and Wendy and is eyeing a production start on April 17 in Canada. The movie will be directed by David Lowet who has worked on films like Pete's Dragon and A Ghost Story.

While it hasn't been confirmed yet, it looks like the movie could be going straight to Disney+, but seeing that these remakes make so much bank in the box office, it's likely that it could come out in theaters as well. I guess it's up to how nostalgic the general audience is for the Peter Pan property. I guess Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin work since the originals came out in the 90s, but could the same be said about an adaptation of a film that came out back in the 50s?


Back in 2015, WB had actually tried another hand at the story with Pan, but that famously flopped. We know that Disney has the resources to deliver a beautiful film, but would that be enough to draw audiences into theaters?

No release date has been set for Peter Pan and Wendy.

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