Percy Jackson Series Creators Share 'Optimistic' Updates on Disney+ Show's Release Date

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It's no secret that the upcoming Percy Jackson series is one of the most highly anticipated fantasy shows right now. But when exactly can we expect to see it premiere on Disney+? Rick and Becky Riordan have just shared an "optimistic" update on when fans can finally watch the series.

A fan recently reached out to Rick on Twitter asking when they can expect the show so they and their friends don't get too hopeful on seeing it come to life this year. The author had a reasonable response. Check it out below.

"So it takes me 6-12 months just to write a novel all by myself. Making a TV show is infinitely more complicated, especially w/ unknown factors like the pandemic in play. We are still in the earliest stages of writing, which will take months. Most optimistic guess 2 years? Maybe?" Rick wrote.

Becky, Rick's wife and series co-creator, also confirmed that they are hard at work on the script in a separate tweet.

"Any news to share? A couple of studio meetings this week. Getting close to wrapping up the pilot outline. A script outline isn't the same as an outline for a term paper but is more a script without dialog [sic] if that makes sense. We are having a blast! We love our team! More soon," she wrote.

This might not be what Percy Jackson fans are hoping to hear but at least they can rest assured that the Riordans are actively involved in the project. Hopefully, we'll get better news later this year.

The Percy Jackson series has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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