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PENTAGON Breaks Own Personal Record With Highest First Week Sales For 12th Mini Album IN:VITE U

Credit: PENTAGON/YouTube Screenshot

PENTAGON continues to wow the general public as the group reaches another career-high by breaking its own personal record with first-week sales.

In particular, PENTAGON achieved more than 76,000 initial sales with the 12th mini album IN:VITE U.

According to Hanteo Chart, PENTAGON recorded initial sales of more than 76,000 copies during its first week from January 24 to 30, 2022.

The world’s only real-time music chart officially counted and announced on January 31 revealed that PENTAGON sold 23,150 copies on January 24, 15,382 copies on January 25, 12,977 copies on January 26, 13,278 copies on January 27, and 8,326 copies on January 27, surpassing its own initial record of 70,731 copies on the first-week sales of the previous mini-album LOVE or TAKE.

PENTAGON then continued to break its own record as it subsequently sold 3,194 copies on January 29 and 689 copies on January 30. For the first week since its physical album release, PENTAGON’s 12th mini album IN:VITE U was able to sell a total of 76,996 copies.

PENTAGON proves its record power with the new album

In its seventh year in the music industry, PENTAGON does not cool down and continuously showcases itself as a group with endless potential.

The group ranked first on Hanteo Chart’s daily rankings three times during the initial period and proudly topped the record chart in the fourth week of January 2022.

PENTAGON members work on the album together

PENTAGON’s 12th mini album IN:VITE U was released ten months after LOVE or TAKE. All six tracks from the new album were written and composed by the members of PENTAGON, which further proved their musical prowess.

Each member’s colorful tone and unique abilities strengthened the album alongside their stories that deepened through inner maturity, which further enhanced the song's authenticity.

Meanwhile, the title track “Feelin’ Like” is a song that best expresses PENTAGON’s evolving attitude and splendidly decorates the first chapter, where another story of the group unfolds.

The trendy and rhythmic melody on the heavy beat touches the heart of every listener, and it shows PENTAGON’s delicate and fascinating vocals.

You can watch the music video for “Feelin’ Like” here.

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