Pedro Pascal Thinks The Mandalorian's Story Will End on the Big Screen

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Credit: Lucasfilm

I think we can all agree that The Mandalorian remains to be the most popular Star Wars project currently in existence and with two strong seasons under its belt, fans can expect more action and space drama to unfold with Season 3 just right around the corner. As it stands, we still don't have any idea how many more seasons the Pedro Pascal-led series will run but fans are totally invested in the idea of him and Grogu taking their adventures to the big screen.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Now, Pascal is once again fueling speculation about a potential film set within the MandoVerse's timeline and according to him, the idea of a Mandalorian movie isn't exactly out of the question. Fandango recently caught up with the Din Djarin actor and director Rick Famuyiwa who is also involved in the third season.

When asked about the possibility of the show ending its story on the big screen, Famuyiwa initially played coy on the idea saying that he knows nothing about Lucasfilm potentially green lighting a film adaptation for the hit Disney+ series. He said: "I have no [idea]. You're coming at us hard. Um, yeah, that's something I don't know anything about."

Pascal later chimed in and hinted that the project will eventually become a possibility. He shared: "I'll answer for him. Yes, he wants to. Yes, he wants to, and that's a great idea, and if it isn't a conversation already, then it will be after today."

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The Mandalorian on a grander scale is definitely a tremendous idea and no one could say that it's not warranted, especially considering the series has performed consistently well on streaming. I mean, imagine it being given the same production value and budget as Lucasfilm's Star Wars films?

The third season of The Mandalorian is expected to hit Disney+ in February 2023.