Peaky Blinders Season 6 Teaser Drops with Ominous Warning for Tommy

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In its latest Peaky Blinders Season 6 teaser, a warning has been issued to Tommy Shelby.

Following last month's announcement that the show will return to BBC One in early 2022, Peaky Blinders has continued to tease fans with short bits on social media, including a hint to Alfie Solomon's (Tom Hardy) return.

In the latest teaser, Tommy Shelby, played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy, appears to be in trouble, as his sister and political advisor Ada Thorne (Sophie Rundle) issues a dire warning.


‘Take a good look, Tom.’

The BBC has released a teaser for Peaky Blinders' final season, which teases the fates of two of the show's protagonists. Ada warns Tommy that one of them may not be alive for much longer. Ada's words, whether they're about life or Shelby Company Limited, hint at a potentially tumultuous end for one or both of the siblings.

Below is a new Peaky Blinders Season 6 teaser:

"Take a good look, Tom," Ada says in the clip. "Cos one of us isn't gonna be here for long."

Fans of Peaky Blinders are excited for Season 6, but there are still some unanswered mysteries about the show's final season. With the late Helen McCrory having a key role in the show's first five seasons, many fans are wondering if Polly Gray, her character, will be missing.

There's also the mystery of who betrayed Tommy and thwarted his assassination attempt when Barney was shot with a silenced handgun by an unknown assailant. One thing is certain: with Tommy's emotional reaction at the end of Season 5, as well as Ada's warning in the teaser, viewers can expect more calamity for the Shelby family members.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Air Date

The good news for Peaky Blinders fans is that a film adaptation is still planned to follow the culmination of the upcoming television finale. With filming set to begin in 2023, it won't be long until the Shelbys' story is told on the big screen.

For the time being, viewers will have to wait to know how Peaky Blinders will end its television run when Season 6, the final season, premieres in 2022.