Paul Rudd Knows His Ant-Man Figure Looks Like a 'D*ck'

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Credit: Conan

Paul Rudd has been playing Ant-Man for the MCU for almost five years, and with these Marvel films comes toy deals. During an appearance on Conan, Rudd was made to address a Marvel Legends figure of himself having sporting a hilarious smirk, and apparently he had no idea Marvel was moving forward with it.

This is the interview:

Rudd and Conan basically made fun of how the figure looks like an ‘asshole' and Rudd goes so far as to say Ant-Man is a ‘d*ck'. What's funny is, he didn't even give the green light for the developers to use that face for his toy, and he was just hilariously surprised with what they came up with.

As a collector, I thought it was the best way to represent Ant-Man as a character. All the other figures for Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man all have serious faces, but when it comes to Ant-Man, he has a silly smirk on his face which is kind of very characteristic for Rudd. If you don't like that one though, the two-pack with Yellow Jacket has Rudd sporting a more generic face.

For now, rumor has it that Marvel is pushing forward with a third Ant-Man film. We don't know when it comes out, but hopefully, we'll get it sometime in 2022. There's also word going out that the movie will introduce the Young Avengers, but until Marvel makes the announcement, we should just take it all with a grain of salt.

We don't know when Rudd's next appearance as Ant-Man is, but you can catch his new show Living with Yourself now on Netflix.

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