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Aquaman 2 Star Patrick Wilson Reportedly Confirms Insidious 5's Filming Date

The actor and the new director, Patrick Wilson confirmed the 5th Insidious franchise’s filming date and discussed a few details of the film.

Insidious was one of the major horror hits of James Wan and Leigh Whannell, who previously worked with the horror classic, 2004’s Saw. Following the horror hit, the two continued to collaborate on 2010’s Insidious featuring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Lin Shaye.

Insidious follows a family’s tormented journey towards another dimension called The Further, which traps living souls wandering in it. The film successfully frightened viewers and 3 more sequels were made. In 2013, Insidious Chapter 2 was released and Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrnes reprised their roles the plot continues with The Further’s manifestation with their family. In the third installment, the film explored Lin Shaye’s Elise in her previous journeys with helping people deal with demons and evil entities. With the 4th installment of the film, Insidious ”The Last Key, the story still focused on Elise’s origins story.

In October of 2020, Blumhouse confirmed that Insidious Chapter 5 will definitely happen and Patrick Wilson will make his directorial debut and will also reprise his role as Josh Lambert.

According to a Collider report, the film will begin its production this year 2022.

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"We're scouting locations now, and we start shooting in the spring," series star Patrick Wilson said, confirming that the film was moving forward.”

In an interview with ScreenRant, while promoting Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall which also stars Wilson, he discussed Insidious 5’s development and his plan with the film as now the director.

“It's something that I'm super passionate about, and there hasn't been a day since they pitched me the idea that I haven't been all in. It's been a lot of work by Scott Teems, the writer, and me. And Leigh Whannell has helped out obviously a ton, and of course, Blumhouse is a great partner. I've done a bunch of stuff with them, so I couldn't be happier to have my first experience with a very helpful and comfortable group of people that, for some reason, trust me. So, we'll see.”

We still don't have enough details about the 5th film, but Wilson confirmed that Ty Simpkins will reprise his role. Rose Byrne’s involvement with the film whether she will also come back is still unknown. While Lin Shaye, who has been in all of the installments of the Insidious films is still not confirmed and fans are doubtful if the film can go without her, given her role as Elise’s relevance to the Insidious universe.

But according to rumors, the film will originally take place as a sequel to Chapter 2 of the film. So we might see the Lambert family over again.

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