Patrick Wilson Hopes Ocean Master Gets Redeemed in Aquaman 2

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Aquaman might be a bit flawed but it has a lot of strengths, like spectacular visuals and some fun lore about Atlantis and the seven seas. Patrick Wilson, who plays as the villain Orm aka Ocean Master, was one of the best parts of the film. Wilson was chewing on the scenery like bubblegum and he clearly enjoyed every minute of it, while also adding some depth to the character in the few scenes where he asked Arthur to leave Atlantis.

Speaking with GameSpot, Wilson expressed interest in redeeming Orm after the events of the first film. Spoilers will be discussed from here on out.

By the film's end, it was revealed that Arthur and Orm's mother is alive, making him rage less and possibly love his brother a bit more. Orm wasn't all bad either as the Atlantean was sick of humanity polluting the ocean, which did make him a bit relatable. The fact that Aquaman kind of scoffed at this was pretty surprising.

"With Orm, we learn from what the character says and what the people say about the character. You hear about him. You hear about his leadership. How he is this angry half-brother. How he rules Atlantis. How Atlantis is in trouble and then you meet him and then you see that really he's just violently upset at the way the surface world has polluted his ocean. And knowing that, immediately you care, is what I think. That's the fun thing for an audience to walk in there and at times, it doesn't matter if you like or dislike these people. You care and you wanna see them work it out. You don't need to know anything other than what you learn. He's an angry guy with a distraught family and resentful and jealous of his half-breed brother who's Aquaman. He's an evil warrior but he's really just trying to save his oceans."

Aquaman is now showing in theaters.

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