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'Pathetic Man-Child' Melts 2,000+ Vintage Star Wars Toys In Tribute to Episode IX

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Credit: Red Letter Media

With the Skywalker saga wrapped up in Star Wars: Episode IX, a fan thought it will be best to see off the iconic characters by destroying vintage action figures from the original trilogy.

Red Letter Media's Mike Stoklasa, playing the role of a "pathetic man-child," decided to melt 2,387 action figures in a massive tank filled with acetone. He then mushed them together into a giant block to represent all of the joy and childhood memories he had of the original Star Wars.

"As these figures dissolve, so will the joy that they brought countless children in the 1970s and 80s... children like me," he said, before proceeding to rain destruction on the toys. He promised that he would not rest until every action figure from the original Star Wars films is wiped off the face of the earth. Watch the video below:

Red Letter Media started this purge of sorts before the release of The Force Awakens in 2015. For those who do not know, Stoklasa (and Red Letter Media) rose to fame after creating a seven-part review of The Phantom Menace on YouTube. He uses a character named Mr. Plinkett for reviewing films. As a hardcore Star Wars fan, Stoklasa has been very vocal about his thoughts on The Last Jedi.

The film was so divisive that many people are looking to skip Star Wars: Episode IX altogether. They feel like the franchise is on its last legs after the second film and that a course correction needs to be done. However, some tend to dismiss the criticism towards the Rian Johnson movie as nothing but the whining of a "man-child," so it seems that Stoklasa was playing that role to mock these people.

It looks like he and his team are even looking to double down. He said that they plan to destroy more vintage Star Wars toys as the release of Episode IX draws closer.

In his pathetic man-child persona, Stoklasa explains that destroying these vintage Star Wars action figures should give him closure and help him deal with the end of Luke, Leia, and Han's journey. He also said that the action symbolizes the "end of the simpler times" and the dawn of a new era for the galaxy far, far away--specifically the Disney era.

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