Park Hae Soo: Korean Money Heist Teaser Features Squid Game Actor

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Credit: Money Heist/YouTube Screenshot
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Netflix previously announced that Money Heist would have a South Korean version. One of the lead cast members is Park Hae Soo, who, later on, starred in the hit series Squid Game.

On December 1, a “surprise” teaser emerged, featuring the actor. The accompanying caption states that he has a “message,” revealing that the remake will arrive next year.


AllKpop recently released a report about the material detailing what the South Korean actor had to say in the video.

A Message From Park Hae Soo

The clip, which is nearly two minutes long, sees Park Hae Soo with the signature Money Heist mask. He began with a greeting and consequently shared that he is playing the role of Berlin in the Korean version of the series.

The actor, then, thanked Pedro Alonso for the mask. He played the character of Berlin in the original Money Heist series.


He also teased that the Korean remake would have a special mask.

The Squid Game star continued that he is “happy” to appear in the Korean version of the show. Moreover, it is an “honor,” which goes for everyone in the cast.

About the Korean Remake of Money Heist

Netflix confirmed its plans for a Korean remake of Money Heist in December 2020. Come March of the following year. The streaming giant revealed the cast members of the material.

Alongside Park Hae Soo, Yoo Ji Tae, Jun Jong Seo, Lee Won Jong, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Kyu Ho, and Jang Yoon Ju are all playing the roles of the lead characters.

Actress Jun Jong Seo, who will play Tokyo, noted that the characters in the Korean adaptation would have different personalities than the original counterparts, as per NME.

The Success of Squid Game

Reports said that Park Hae Soo did not receive much attention following the cast reveal earlier this year. But, after the massive success of Squid Game, the actor’s popularity skyrocketed, resulting in more interest in his role in the Korean remake of Money Heist.


Meanwhile, fans are still waiting for confirmation regarding Squid Game Season 2. Netflix clarified that it has yet to give its green light.

Park Hae Soo played the role of Cho Sang-Woo on Squid Game.