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Park Eun Bin's New Kdrama Series Set Attacked by Man; Suspect Charged With Assault

Credit: NAMOOACTORS OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Park Eun Bin's upcoming Kdrama set was attacked by an unnamed man.

Following the success of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin has been receiving offers to star in new flicks. She has since accepted some of them, with one series starting its production in the first half of this year.

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Park Eun Bin's Kdrama Series' Set Attacked by a Man

In a report shared by Yoo Su Kyung of The Hankook Ilbo, which was also posted in The Korea Times, it was revealed that a man in his 40s threw a brick at the Kdrama set. It reportedly left one of the filming crew injured.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. on April 26 in Seoul's Changsin-dong neighborhood in Jong-no District, where the series' team was filming. The man has since been arrested and charged with assault after the female staff member sustained life-threatening injuries.

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The suspect told the police that he was left furious by the bright lights and the noises from the filming location.

A probe remains underway to determine further details regarding the assault.

Meanwhile, the Kdrama production company released a statement assuring fans it would prioritize the safety of its cast and staff members to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

Park Eun Bin Dominates Baeksang Awards

Amid the worrying news, Park Eun Bin also brought good news to fans after the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony on Friday. The prestigious annual event was held at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Goyang.

In the TV category, the actress won the grand prize for her excellent portrayal of autistic attorney Woo Young Woo's role in the hit ENA TV series Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

"I wish to remember Young-woo's journey of recognizing, accepting and embracing her life for a long time," the actress said in her acceptance speech.

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