Paramount+ Removes Star Trek Movies From Their Service

Paramount+ is known to be the home of all Star Trek content whether it's their past shows, films, current original shows, or any kind of presentations related to the franchise. However, due to complicated licensing issues, it looks like you no longer watch some of their movies on the platform as of this month.

According to, all ten The Original Series and The Next Generations are no longer available to stream on Paramount+ USA as of this October. Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness are now the only movies in the franchise that are still present in the service. As of today, none of them are available to watch on any streaming service.

While there is no official statement regarding why the ten movies were pulled off from the franchise, the report speculated that it may be due to licensing issues since AMC also has the rights to air the movies. It is very likely that the movies will become available on AMC+ before returning to Paramount+ sometime later.

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Besides the official Star Trek movies, its parody Galaxy Quest was also pulled off by Paramount+ although it is still available to stream on Peacock. Considering that none of the ten movies are streaming elsewhere, you can also watch them right now through VOD or their physical home video release.

The report did note that the current situation with the Star Trek movies only applies in the United States since they are still available in other territories such as the UK. While Paramount+ always strides itself as the home of all things Star Trek, as of this month, that is not the case anymore for now. It is unknown yet when exactly they are going to return to the service.

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For now, you can catch all the other Star Trek shows and remaining movies on Paramount+.

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