Palpatine’s Successor in the Future of Star Wars May Be a Forgotten Prince

Now that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's completed the Skywalker saga, Star Wars fans have so many questions about the future of the galaxy far, far away. What era will Lucasfilm focus on in future films? Will there be a central villain like Palpatine?

While we can't be entirely sure what the future holds for Star Wars, fans have been busy cooking up all sorts of theories online. One of the most recent theories that's been making the rounds on the rumor mill is that Lucasfilm may very well decide on introducing a villain close to Palpatine – the Star Wars Extended Universe politician, Prince Xizor.

Sure, we might not be entirely certain about the direction that Star Wars is headed now that the Skywalker saga is over, however, Inverse believes that Lucasfilm may do well utilizing Prince Xizor of Falleen, a ruthless but charismatic public figure in Star Wars Legends. After the battle of Hoth, Xizor became one of the most influential beings in the galaxy far, far away, his political power and influence akin to that of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.

In the past few years, Lucasfilm has been integrating fan-favorite characters and planets from Star Wars Extended Universe into Star Wars canon. Grand Admiral Thrawn made it into Star Wars Rebels, Heir to the Empire character Rukh also made it into canon, and Dash Rendar made it to canon through a sourcebook.

Lucasfilm could very well bring Xizor into the official canon of the galaxy far, far away.

The Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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