Ozark Season 4, Part 2 Trailer Released by Netflix Ahead of April 2022 Premiere

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The last half of Ozark's final season is arriving on Netflix next month, and today, Netflix has released the first (and possibly final) full trailer to get fans hyped. The final season of the critically-acclaimed American crime thriller was split into two parts with seven episodes each, and the new trailer gives us our first look at what to expect from the final episodes.

Ozark Season 4, Part 2
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Credit: Netflix
Ozark Season 4, Part 2

As expected, the new trailer highlights the fallout of the previous episodes. Ruth's (played by Julia Garner) is hellbent on revenge after her loss in the finale of Ozark Season 4, Part 1 while Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) are doing what it takes to stay alive.

The trailer is loaded with intense moments, and it looks like Marty will have a difficult decision to protect his family or Ruth."She just lost her home, her family just because they met us," Marty tells Wendy.

There's also a scene of Ruth approaching Javier (Alfonso Herrera) with a gun. Did she just shoot him? That could be just a dream, right? There's way they're going to include a major spoiler like that in a trailer. Javier doesn't appear much in the trailer, so that could indicate that he won't live for long.

We also see Marty taking over Omar Navarro's (Felix's Solis) estate in Mexico to "re-establish" the drug lord's control of his cartel, but the biggest question still remains: How will the Byrdes get out of this mess alive and not in prison. Speaking of prison, it looks like Omar will eventually find a way out, and the Byrdes are going to be in deep trouble.

Watch the trailer for Ozark Season 4, Part 2 below:

Ozark Season 4, Part 2 is set to release on Netflix on April 29, 2022. You can read more details about the final 7 episodes here.

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