Overwatch Character Mei Has Turned Into a Symbol of Hong Kong Resistance

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Activision and Blizzard are under plenty of scrutinies after they suspended Hearthstone player Blitzchung for a year, not to mention taking away his prize money after he expressed big support for the Hong Kong protests. The two companies also got a lot of heat for firing the two broadcasters who were interviewing Blitzchung since they had no idea he was going to put on a gas mask and express support.

Hong Kong fans have decided to stick it to Blizzard by using Overwatch character Mei as a symbol of Hong Kong resistance. This has resulted in a lot of fan art that has the character expressing her support for those that want to liberate Hong Kong. It's a good way of showing support to those that want to rebel against their oppressive government, even if it does give Blizzard some credit since it might result in more people playing Overwatch.

Some fans probably have mixed thoughts about this since Mei is still a creation of Blizzard, so it could be considered free advertising for their game. However, art is subjective and the fact that this character has been turned into something that rebels against Activision and their need to get Chinese money, we can consider this a small victory.


Obviously, Mei can't just go to Hong Kong and aid those who are fighting for the liberation of their country. Still, this is a nice way to show support and stand up to an oppressive government.

Fans will soon be able to play Overwatch on their Switch but maybe they shouldn't. The game is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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