22 Aug 2018 1:48 PM +00:00 UTC

Overwatch: A Closer Look at D. Va's Meka Team

Blizzard had just released their new short Shooting Star focusing on character Hana Song a.k.a. D. Va. The video gives us a look at her Meka security team, and we have a new image highlighting all the members of the task force and their specialized mechs.

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I've been playing Overwatch for a while, but it never really occurred to me that D. Va is part of an ensemble of mech pilots. It's cool how each mech has their own specialized scheme—like it's something straight out of Voltron.


You'll also notice that each of the pilots also have their own special codenames placed next to them. Besides D. Va, the other girl in the group is codenamed D. Mon. The rest of the guys have titles straight out of an e-sports group; with names like Casino, King, and Overlord.

I'll admit, the new short doesn't tug at the heartstrings like the origin stories of Mei or Reinhardt, but it does give us a nice build on the lore. Now I bet everyone will want the rest of these Meka pilots to be playable in the game.

How about a D. Va spinoff shooter featuring all the characters?

Overwatch is now playable for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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