Oscar Isaac Net Worth: How Does the Star Wars Star Become a Heavy Hitter?

Credit: BBC Radio 1/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC Radio 1/YouTube Screenshot

Ever since Oscar Isaac started his acting career in the mid-1990s, he has become a heavy hitter. He has appeared in a number of blockbuster films, from the Star Wars sequel trilogy to Ex Machina and more.

He’s also a musician who has a strong musical ability. Not only that, though, Oscar Isaac is also a stage actor who has several credits under his belt. How much net worth does the successful actor already amass with these in his resume?

The Start of Oscar Isaac’s Interest in Acting

The now-43-year-old expressed his interest in acting at a young age. In fact, he began joining local theatre productions in Miami when he was young.

When he reached his 20s, he started to participate in short play festivals and even joined a band named The Blinking Underdogs, opening for some famous bands like Green Day.

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Come 2001, he got accepted into Julliard School and from there, he decided to move to New York to focus on his acting career.

The Beginning of Oscar Isaac’s Successful Career

In the mid-1990s, Oscar Isaac began to receive acting roles and debuted in the crime drama Illtown, followed by other TV roles.

He then made it to the big screen by the mid-2000s and appeared in All About the Benjamins and Law & Oder: Criminal Intent.

He continued to rise to prominence when he did the biblical epic The Nativity Story after graduating from the Julliard School. At the time, he was already making a name as a stage actor.

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Some of his most notable production appearances are in Rome and Juliet and Two Gentleman of Verona.

He was already receiving several credits, but his real breakthrough came when he did Inside Llewyn Davis in 2013. It was followed by Ex Machina and the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero.

Oscar Isaac Becoming a Household Name

From receiving several nominations to winning major awards, Oscar Isaac became a household name in the entertainment industry.

He became a part of big movie franchises, like Star Wars and X-Men. He also made The Promise with Christian Bale.

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Other films he did are Suburbicon, Annihilation, Dune, The Card Counter, The Great Machine and London. He also did Moon Knight and is set to appear in the movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid and an upcoming Francis Ford Coppola film, Francis and the Godfather, per his IMDb page.

Elsewhere, with his widespread notoriety, he also received brand endorsement deals and did a notable Nike advertisement.

He also continued his theatrical works with a lead role in Hamlet.

This line of work makes Oscar Isaac a millionaire with a $12 million net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth.

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