Oscar Isaac Hints Moon Knight Season 2 May Be Coming

Earlier this year, Moon Knight had its six-episode run marking the introduction of another new hero in the MCU played by Oscar Isaac. While the series was only intended to be a limited series, there are fans who are hoping that it will get a second season or have the character appear in another major MCU project.

However, recently, Tiktok user @hayaattiaaa posted a video where she is seen riding a boat with Isaac and director Mohamed Diab and asked them if Moon Knight will get a second season. Diab responded with "Of Moon Knight?" followed by Isaac, who playfully answered with "Why else would we be in Cairo?"

As a result, there are fans who speculated that Isaac and Diab hinted that a second season is coming on its way considering that they are spending their time in Cairo, Egypt, where the majority of the series was set at.

Diab himself also tweeted the TikTok video which further added to the speculation. You can check it below:

Obviously, this is not essentially a confirmation that the second season of Moon Knight is on its way. It is likely that Isaac is just hanging out in Cairo with Diab since they're also friends and they're just playing along on the video to tease the fans.

Right now, Marvel has not made any official announcement yet about Moon Knight's next step in the MCU after his debut in the series. Now that we have an idea of where they are going up to the end of Phase Six, we can pretty much say that the hero is set to have a major presence in the franchise moving forward.

Now that we know that Marvel will have a presentation at the upcoming D23 Expo this September, there is a chance that they'll finally announce the character's next appearance in the MCU.

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All episodes of Moon Knight are streaming on Disney+.

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