Orlando Bloom Reunites With His Lord Of The Rings Castmates

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It's been a while since the Lord of the Rings premiered in cinemas, and ever since the trilogy came out with its first film in December 2001 with The Fellowship of the Ring, Peter Jackson's adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's novel has become one of the most iconic fantasy trilogies in Hollywood history.

Though it seems unlikely that we'll be getting another Lord of the Rings film series any time soon, fans will still get moments where the biggest stars of the trilogy come together for a bit of a reunion. Orlando Bloom, the actor who played the Sindarin elf Legolas, just recently stumbled across his franchise co-stars Sir Ian McKellen (the man who played the wizard Gandalf) and Adam Brown (who played Ori the Dwarf in the Hobbit trilogy) and decided to share a photo of their little get-together on Instagram.

Check it out down here:

It's pretty great seeing The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit boys getting together. Sure, fans are going to get a new Lord of the Rings television series, but while the show will feature the stories of characters that everyone's come to love, Amazon won't be bringing the old cast back.

Right now Amazon is slowly gearing up to begin its Lord of the Rings series production and the show is expected to premiere sometime around 2021.

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