Original Millennium Falcon Design Is Nothing Like What Star Wars Fans Now Know and Love

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As iconic as it has become, the Millennium Falcon initially looked very different inside the heads of concept designers.

The first design presented to Star Wars creator George Lucas felt a little too Space 1999 for his taste. In the image below, you will see how the original Millennium Falcon resembled the famous Eagle ship from the movie.

Lucas felt the look didn't truly capture the essence of what would be the defining ship of the franchise. This led him to order a new design, and clearly, he made the right call.

Everything was changed in the final output except from one element. As you would notice, the iconic Star Wars ship kept the cockpit from the original pitch.

The original Millennium Falcon before it was turned into the Blockade Runner. Lucas felt that it looked to much like the Eagle in "Space 1999" and ordered a new design.

The rest, you will probably recognize as another ship from the galaxy far, far away. That's right, the style ended up inspiring the creation of the blockade runner ships like the Corellian corvette.

What the designers originally had in mind for the blockade runner design, on the other hand, apparently ended up inspiring the Naboo starships featured in the Star Wars prequels.

The emergence of the original Millennium Falcon design has fans wondering whether or not the legacy and cultural relevance of Star Wars would be entirely different if Lucas never made the changes. It is quite a tough question to answer especially with how interested hardcore fans are in every inch of the universe.

As the Star Wars franchise grew and evolved, fans dug up (and still continue to dig up) every little detail they could find about the galaxy far, far way. As you would notice, the starships, planets, and even side characters all have detailed descriptions in Fandom or Wikia websites as fans set out to scour every source material they can get their hands on.

While there is no way of knowing how the original Millennium Falcon design would fare in Star Wars as it is today, fans seem to be very happy about how it all turned out.

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