Original Magic: The Gathering Baron Sengir Art by Pete Venters Will Be Auctioned in August

Pete Venters, who worked for Wizards of the Coast, has announced on Facebook that he will be auctioning his original Magic: The Gathering Baron Sengir art in the MTG Art Market at the start of August, and the auction will be run by Mark Aronowitz.

The announcement comes 25 years after his creation. In his Facebook post, Venters said that he moved to the USA in July 6, 1995 to work full time at Wizards. "One day later I was already laying out my concept for the Alliances storyline," Venters wrote. "Homelands was going through its final press checks. That set was home to the piece that I consider my most iconic creation for Magic - Baron Sengir."

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Originally printed in Homelands (1995), Baron Sengir is a rare legendary vampire card that can regenerate another vampire with its activated ability. It's definitely one of the best-illustrated vampire creatures in the game, but the card itself never became viable in competitive formats.

Venters is also well-known for his involvement within WotC to develop Magic's Creative Department. As Continuity Manager from Homelands until Exodus (1998), he was tasked to retain internal consistency of Dominia. Venters created storylines, art descriptions, flavor text, and card games.

"It's time for the Baron to venture out into the world," Venters said.

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