Original Ahsoka Actress Gets Honest About Rosario Dawson's Star Wars Series

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For the longest time, fans of the Star Wars franchise acknowledged only one actress when it came to the role of Ahsoka Tano and that is voice actress Ashley Eckstein who breathed life into the now-iconic Jedi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This is why the fandom was dismayed and understandably so after learning that Lucasfilm cast a different actress to play Ahsoka in The Mandalorian Season 2.

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Credit: Star Wars

Initially, Rosario Dawson's casting in the MandoVerse was met with mixed reactions with the negative reception coming from diehards of the Clone Wars series. But after seeing Chapter 13: The Jedi, fans quickly warmed up to Rosario thanks to her awesome take on the legendary character.

Now, Dawson is set to headline her own series and fans have been wondering how Eckstein feels about it. Speaking with Screen Rant, the beloved voice actress said she's thrilled to see how far Ahsoka has come.

Ashley shares: "I think it's absolutely incredible. I was honored to help originate this character back in 2008. She was this snippy little character that, to be honest, a lot of fans did not like. She was met with mixed reviews."

She added: "To be here in 2022, celebrating this character – and her legacy continues, as she's getting her own series – it's such an exciting time to be an Ahsoka Tano fan. It's absolutely surreal. I'm just honored to be a small part of a giant team of people that it takes to bring this character to life. It's just surreal, and it's an exciting time to be an Ahsoka fan."

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There's no denying that Eckstein defined the character but to Rosario's credit, she has also successfully created her own take on Ahsoka and it's exciting to see where the famed Jedi's journey will lead her next.

Star Wars' Ahsoka series is expected to drop sometime in 2023.

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