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Orient Episode 7 Release Date

Orient Episode 7 Release Date

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In the previous episode, the Kosameda Band was officially done for. The villagers even requested that Tsugumi should be free from the band. She joins Kojiro and Musashi in their journey, making the series even more interesting than before.

It was also noticeable that Tsugumi became affectionate towards Musashi. Fans believe that this was because she used to be dependent on Hideo and was suddenly attached to Musashi, who was there for her when everything was in chaos. This led to a miscommunication between Musashi and Kojiro.

Will Tsugumi be a good addition to the team or not? Tune in to Orient episode seven.

Orient Episode 7 Details

Orient Episode 7 Release Date
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Credit: Crunchyroll
Orient Episode 7 Release Date

Episode seven of Orient will be released on February 17, 2022. The episode title is “You Can’t Survive Underwater”. It can be watched on TV Tokyo and AT-X. Those who do not have access to these channels can stream the episodes on Medialink’s channels or Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll has a free trial period for those who are new to the site. They can check out the titles offered by the platform and even watch new episodes for free. They also have the option to become members by simply registering on the site. Membership fee is worth $9.99 per month.

They will get access to the manga and anime libraries, watch Orient and other titles without ads, and even do offline viewing. Another interesting perk is the simulcast. They will have a chance to watch the new episode one hour after it was released in Japan. They would no longer worry about spoilers.

As for the dubbed version, fans will have to wait for the announcement from Crunchyroll. The platform is known to offer dubbed versions of its titles, giving Orient fans hope that it will be the same for Orient. For now, each episode has English subtitles for western audiences.

Musashi wanted to confront the demons who brainwashed their society. In order to do this, he asked his friend, Kojiro, to accompany him on a journey. With Tsugumi with them, the team is stronger than before. Will they be able to accomplish their goal?

Orient Episode 7 Countdown

Orient Episode 7 Countdown

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