Optimus Prime Voice Actor Peter Cullen to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

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I think it goes without saying that Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime from Transformers was one of the best casting decisions ever made back in the day. His voice managed to have a presence and made every line he said awesome, whether it was about protecting his friends or what he wanted for breakfast. Seems like all of Cullen's hard work is paying off since he is going to get a Lifetime Achievement for his voice work.

The news was confirmed by a tweet from the Society of Voice Art, so we can only imagine how Cullen himself feels about the award. It's good to know that voicing a character that was meant to sell toys has become a bit more than that, especially with all the movies, cartoons, and video games that have been released based on the franchise.

Knowing that Cullen still voices Optimus today is astounding since it seems like his voice hasn't skipped a beat (maybe that's just how his voice sounds like?). Cullen even voiced Optimus in the live-action movies and was the only good thing about them for the longest time. Thankfully, he was also Optimus in the Bumblebee movie, which was actually pretty good so hopefully, they make more movies that are actually of quality.

Cullen will be receiving the award on November 17 in the Voice Arts Gala so expect a lot of fans and voice actors from the classic Transformers cartoon to make an appearance. No new Transformers movies or cartoons have been announced, though the IDW comics are still pretty active.

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