Opinions Are Divided on the New FLCL: Grunge Trailer

FLCL: Grunge trailer Haruko Haruhara

FLCL: Grunge trailer Haruko Haruhara

It has been five years since the last two seasons of FLCL, and now, Adult Swim shared the new trailer for FLCL: Grunge, one of the two upcoming seasons of the cult anime hit from Gainax and Production I.G.

While the new seasons were initially announced last year, it was only recently that the first trailer for Grunge was released, but the reception for it has been mixed.

For those who didn’t like the look of the new FLCL anime though, Adult Swim also shared two other anime trailers that got a bit more praise.

Adult Swim Shares Trailers for Anime Lineup Featuring Uzumaki, Ninja Kamui

For starters, the new trailer for Uzumaki was released, and it is the highly anticipated anime adaptation of Junji Ito’s iconic horror manga.

While there have been numerous Junji Ito anime adaptations over the years, Uzumaki carries a lot of hype given that it’s one of his most popular works. And from the looks of it, fans are loving the new trailer.

Instead of being in full color, the trailer shows that this four-episode anime adaptation will be in black and white.

Though it’s not out yet, fans are already praising how well it captures the detailed linework from the manga.

Another anime that got a new Adult Swim trailer is Ninja Kamui, the upcoming anime from notable director Sunghoo Park (of Jujutsu Kaisen and The God of High School fame).

This new trailer showcases a couple of clips from the anime, and it also features a quick Q&A with Park, where he describes the series’ action scenes (whom Park is known for) and shares a short message to fans.

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FLCL: Grunge Trailer Divides Longtime Fans

flcl grunge protagonist
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Finally, Adult Swim shared a trailer for FLCL: Grunge, the next anime in the surreal FLCL series that, while not a huge hit, enjoys a dedicated cult following.

Grunge is animated by MontBlanc Pictures, and you can check out the new trailer here:

Given how beloved the original FLCL is, it should come as no surprise that the new anime’s trailer divided fans given its different art style.

While some fans of the original are hopeful that this will be a good continuation, others have criticized the series’ art and animation style based on the trailer.

Of course, it’s tough to judge from the trailer alone. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long as FLCL: Grunge will be released on Adult Swim beginning September 9, 2023.

Following this, the FLCL: Shoegaze anime will also be released on Adult Swim sometime later this year.

As for the other shows in Adult Swim’s lineup, Uzumaki will air sometime this year while Ninja Kamui will release in 2024.

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