Spider-Man is Still on Disney's Marvel Banner for the D23 Expo

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The internet collectively threw a fit after it was revealed that Spider-Man has been taken out of the MCU after Disney and Sony's disagreement, and everyone is currently wondering if the two will ever come to a deal. With the D23 Expo happening this weekend though, Disney has kind of put itself in an awkward place with their Marvel banner.

As it turns out, there are only three heroes on the MCU banner, and one of them is Spider-Man. Check it out:

We don't know what Disney plans to do after this whole fiasco with Sony, but it's likely they can still keep the banner up as Far from Home was still under the grounds of the original deal; it's using Spider-Man for future projects that I think will get Disney in trouble.


More and more info has come out of this whole Disney/Sony spat, and though Sony is being eyed at as the villain initially, Disney is already taking some of the blame for supposedly demanding too much from Sony. People are still hopeful that a deal is going to be struck eventually, as both studios stand to lose something with Spider-Man back in Sony's hands; the MCU loses one of its most popular heroes, and Sony's Spider-Man is forced to move forward without all the character development that the MCU has brought it.

At this point, Tom Holland's Spider-Man is so embedded in the MCU that it's almost ridiculous to move forward with the character without the connections.

We don't know how all of this is going to do down, but the fans are currently on fire online. Let's hope fandom wins over corporate greed eventually.

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