Will There Be an Onimusha Season 2? What We Know So Far

Onimusha Season 2 What We Know So Far Musashi
Credit: Sublimation

Onimusha Season 2 What We Know So Far Musashi
Credit: Sublimation

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Season 1 of Onimusha is currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix. After the end of the first season, fans are already wondering if there will be Onimusha Season 2. Here’s everything we know so far!

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What Is Onimusha About?

Taking place during the early Edo Period, a crucial era of peace and transition in Japan, the renowned Miyamoto Musashi, now in his late years, sets out on a secret mission.

He is equipped with the legendary Oni Gauntlet and undertakes a grand odyssey to conquer the hidden malevolent forces.

How Did Onimusha Season 1 End?

Miyamoto Musashi Onimusha Season 2
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Credit: Sublimation

The first season of Onimusha's final episode unfolds the epic battle as Sasaki Kojiro resurrected through the mystical abilities of Genma, clashes with Musashi.

After Kojiro leaves Iemon incapacitated, the former decides to confront Musashi without any impediments.

Having cast aside the Oni gauntlet and reverting to his traditional technique to fight, Musashi is ready to give his all.

Meanwhile, Musashi also sees Sayo departing from the mines.

Unfortunately, as they begin their battle, the rocks in and around the cave start to crumble putting the fighters at risk.

In the meantime, Sayo moves away from the falling debris and goes deep into the forest.

Sadly, she watches the mountains crumble and offers a prayer for the soul within.

Sayo Onimusha
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Then, Sayo is seen heading back to civilization but Musashi is not with her and it is assumed that Musashi died in the mountain collapse incident.

Toward the end of the finale, Onsyu takes possession of the gauntlet, which he finds at his doorstep.

Despite inquiries, nobody claims to have seen anyone leaving it there.

Interestingly, it magically appears within the 33-day loan period that the monk had granted to Musashi.

The series has not revealed the fate of Musashi, this incident does point in the direction that he might have somehow gotten out of the cave.

It is likely he is at a safer location and will emerge later in the story. But for now, we don’t know if Musashi is dead or alive.

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Will There Be an Onimusha Season 2?

Onimusha Season 2 updates
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Credit: Sublimation

As of writing, Netflix or Capcom have not announced Onimusha’s renewal for a second season.

But given the ambiguous ending regarding Musashi’s fate, fans can hope for more from the world of Miyamoto Musashi.

Also, this samurai anime has the potential for a new season as the treatment of the story and animation was refreshing.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for an Onimusha Season 2. Do you think this Netflix anime deserves a second season? Share your thoughts and comments with us on X (formerly Twitter) @epicstreamanime!

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