One Punch Man Chapter 141 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, and Summary

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Originally a webcomic created by the artist ONE that was eventually remade into a digital shonenmanga by Yusuke Murata on the Tonari no Young Jump website starting in June 2012, One Punch Man has been impressing fans for years now and doesn't look to be stopping at any time soon! As of January 2021, they have released 23 volumes of the digital remake in Japan while VIZ Media has released 21 volumes in English while also publishing new chapters on their Shonen Jump app.

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In this series, the main character is a superhero named Saitama who can defeat any enemy with one punch. Having grown bored, however, due to a lack of any real challenge in his fights, he is on a continual search for worthy opponents to do battle with.

One Punch Man Chapter 141 Release Date

While no firm release date has been announced, it's worth noting that the last couple of chapters have come out roughly 1 month apart from each other so we're predicting that the next chapter will be released on or around Thursday, April 1st but will update this article with a firm release date once it is announced.


One Punch Man Chapter 141 Release Time

Generally speaking, new chapters are released at 12 am Japan Standard Time on the release date in question. This means that the new chapter will be available at roughly these times around the world:

Pacific Time: 8 AM
Central Time: 10 AM
Eastern Time: 11 AM
British Time: 4 PM


One Punch Man Chapter 141 Spoilers

No spoilers have leaked online for the latest One Punch Man chapter, but as soon as they release it onto the internet we will update this section with a summary.


One Punch Man Chapter 140 Summary

Titled "Stones and Diamonds", the cover features the character Metal Bat and the story has Saitama back in the mix with the other characters. You'll remember going one further chapter back that Blast had appeared and was in a scrap with some other characters, which is why it's lucky that our primary hero is getting back into the regular flow of things.

One Punch Man has punched its way into the upper reaches of the manga echelon and is continuing that forward momentum at a good (if not slightly irregular) pace. Are you still keeping up with the adventures of Saitama and his friends?

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