One Piece Teases New Statue

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Out of all the characters that were introduced during the One Piece’s Wan Arc, the most popular character was Yamato, the offspring of the Beast Pirate Captain Kaido that has already renounced his father’s legacy, and instead has decided to honor the legacy of the savior of Wano who died fighting for his country, Koduki Oden. With the War For Wano still ongoing as Luffy and his crew struggles to achieve Oden’s dream, the series has announced that a new statue is currently in the works that captures the energy of Yamato who might be the next to join the Straw Hat’s crew.

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In the latest chapters of One piece’s manga, the readers have followed the character Yamato as he tries to stop the plans of his father, with Kaido fighting against Zoro, Luffy, and other members of the Worst Generation. With one of the recent chapters of the manga giving us a back story of Yamato’s early childhood, we saw that Kaido locked him away in a cave with rogue samurai that was captured by the Beast Pirates. The fans of the series were shown how the offspring of the Beast Pirate Captain followed in the footsteps of Oden and worked toward the opening of the borders of Wano Country.

The Official Twitter Account for the Editorial Team of One Piece gave us fans a first look at this upcoming statue, which will likely be released later this year, that will be portraying the offspring of Kaido who might be the next one to join Luffy’s crew and help him in his dream of becoming the king of the pirates. You can check the Twitter post below:

In the recent Jump Festa, the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, hinted that the current War Arc is finally approaching its end, with the Straw Hats managing to take out a very huge portion of the Beast Pirate’s army. Although Luffy’s crew is getting closer to winning the war, the captain of the Straw Hats is still fighting one-on-one against Kaido, with their battle set to determine not just the fate of the isolated nation, but also the Grand Line.

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