One Piece Manga to Go On Month-Long Hiatus as Eiichiro Oda Will Undergo Surgery

One Piece Manga Hiatus Yamato

One Piece Manga Hiatus Yamato

One Piece has been on a roll over the past few months, as the new story arc is building up the epic events of the final saga. But fans will soon need to wait a bit longer as the One Piece manga will go on a nearly month-long hiatus as Eiichiro Oda will undergo surgery.

The upcoming hiatus was announced on the series’ official Twitter account and website. There, a note from Oda was shared detailing why the hiatus will happen.

While Oda has gone on one-week breaks from time to time, this is the longest hiatus since last year.

Oda Will Take Another Month-Long Break

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It has been over 25 years now since One Piece started, and finally, the series’ last saga is being built up by Oda.

Though given how big this saga will be, Oda went on a hiatus last year to lay out the groundwork for it.

Specifically, Oda went on a break in June 2022 to get ready for the major moments and reveals of the next arc.

This made sense given that, at the time, the Wano Country Saga was finally coming to a close.

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During the hiatus, Oda also took the chance to visit the set of Netflix’s live-action One Piece series.

Aside from just visiting though, Oda is also heavily involved in the show’s production.

In fact, he recently mentioned that Netflix assured him that the series won’t be released until he was fully satisfied with it.

Instead of working more on the manga and the upcoming live-action, this next hiatus will be for Oda’s health.

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One Piece Manga Hiatus: July Return Date Announced

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In the letter, Oda explained that he will have surgery for astigmatism soon, thus necessitating some time off from working on the manga.

Because of the astigmatism that he’s been suffering from, Oda’s vision has become blurry, which is negatively impacting his work.

In response, Oda and his editor decided that he should get surgery.

One Piece Chapter 1086 is still set to release this weekend. Though after this, the series will go on a break for four weeks, from June 19 to July 10.

Chapter 1087 is then set to release on July 18. Once the series comes back, it is expected that the series will return to its weekly serialization, albeit with one-week breaks from time to time.

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