One Piece Episode 966 Release Date and Time, Spoilers and News

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When we last left off with the shonen series One Piece back in episode 965, the story was mostly about the character Orochi Kurozumi and talked about how he grew up into the ruthless person he is in the present. Starting off as a timid boy who was chased into the forest by some adults. Eventually, he stumbles across some distant relatives, including a woman named Higurashi who tells him about his destiny to become a Shogun in the future. Back in the present, in the closing moments of the episode, a battle breaks out between the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard pirates.

One Piece Episode 966 Release Date and Time

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Unfortunately, One Piece had to skip a week on Sunday, March 14th. Crunchyroll has announced however the series will return at its usual time of 10 am Japan Standard Time on the morning of Sunday, March 21st. This breaks down to:

Pacific Time: 6 PM, Saturday
Central Time: 8 PM, Saturday
Eastern Time: 9 PM, Saturday
British Time: 2 AM, Sunday

One Piece Episode 966 Spoilers


Titled "Roger's Wish! A New Journey!", the preview promises much more pirate battle action as the two rival gangs are breaking out their big guns as they continue to mow down their opposition with reckless abandon.

Those who have already read the manga know that the battle will eventually lead to Roger and Whitebeard going head to head, creating a massive force that blows away anyone in the vicinity. The fight between the two will last for 3 days without a clear victory for either of them. When the fight is over, the pirate banquet will begin and bygones will be forgotten, as though the two gangs weren't trying to kill each other mere days beforehand.

Roger reveals he wants to visit the island of Laughtale but can't until he finds the four red Poneglyphs. This is when he'll learn that Kozuki not only made the Poneglyph but can also read and write the text on it. This leads to Roger asking to borrow him for a year which Whitebeard is furious about but seeing that there's nothing he can do to stop it from happening, relents in the end.

It looks like One Piece is setting up to send some of its characters on a brand new adventure after another intense battle, of course! With Roger teaming up with Kozuki and Oden for this new quest with new destinations in mind, it'll be fascinating to see how the three get along from here on out.


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