Obi-Wan Kenobi Voice Actor Wants to be in the Kenobi Disney+ Series

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Though everyone loves Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, a huge chunk of the fandom is also loyal to James Arnold Taylor, who provides the voice of the animated Obi-Wan in The Clone Wars. With Kenobi set to get his own series with Disney+, Taylor is urging the fans to ask Lucasfilm to give him a role on the show.

While answering questions on his Youtube, Taylor said:

"I would love, it you're all watching this and you're a fan of mine, please start a campaign to get me a part in that Kenobi miniseries. I want to be in that thing so bad. I don't have to be Obi-Wan of course, because that's Ewan McGregor's job on camera. I provide the voice, but I would love to be a character like, in make-up or something. Wouldn't that be cool? Wouldn't that be a beautiful nod to the fans of Clone Wars?"

While a fan petition might get Lucasfilm's attention, I think Taylor's best bet would be his connection with Dave Filoni, who is slowly making his transition to the live-action world of Star Wars. We don't know how involved Filoni is with the Kenobi series, but I'm sure he knows who to call when it comes to putting Taylor in the series, even just for a small role.


While Taylor is fine in make-up, I think it would be cool to have him play as human Imperial. Maybe he can even use his Obi-Wan voice and he could have a scene with McGregor. It would be fun if Kenobi would perform a mind trick and Taylor would repeat Obi-Wan's lines in Kenobi's voice.

For now, Kenobi is set for a release sometime in 2022. The second season of The Mandalorian is set to come to Disney+ this October.

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