Number of Episodes for Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Revealed

Fans are freaking out over the recent revelation of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop cast, with many happy over the fact that John Cho will be playing Spike Spiegel. The anime is often considered by many to be a masterpiece, with almost every episode feeling like a fun, standalone movie. Let's also mention the surprisingly awesome English dub, along with the amazing soundtrack.

Well, for those planning to binge the series, fans will be happy to know that Netflix revealed the episode count for the anime adaptation. While the original series had 26 episodes, the first season, assuming there will be more, is going to be 10 episodes. This is pretty standard for the service since shows like Umbrella Academy also had 10 episodes.

If anything, fans want to know the episode length. Most Netflix shows are usually 40 minutes to a whole hour, so 10 episodes of this should be more than enough. Then again, when you consider how much time binge-watchers spend on their shows, this might not be enough episodes. Either way, fans have a reason to be excited.

Apparently, we will be able to see Netflix's Cowboy Bebop later this year on the streaming service. Netflix has had an odd relationship with anime adaptations but let's all hope this is a good one.


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