NU'EST Ren Changes Instagram Handle

Credit: NU'EST/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NU'EST/YouTube Screenshot

NU’EST Ren makes an unexpected transformation on his personal Instagram account. On January 10, the youngest member changed his Instagram account handle, and fans have different reactions about it.

To recap, Ren’s Instagram account username was “glorypath” and was changed to “mingi_choi.” Some fans thought he was going for an “actor image” given that he just concluded his impressive musical act as the lead star in Hedwig.

It is not impossible to believe the theory as his former username sees no relation with his name or profession as an idol singer with NU’EST. This change might help him easily introduce himself more to the public.

However, looking back to it, “glorypath” is related to Lady Gaga’s song “Edge of Glory,” and Ren is known to be an avid fan of the pop singer. His past Instagram usernames also speak a lot about him being a Little Monster (fandom name of Lady Gaga).

Specifically, Ren started using Instagram with the username “bornthismg” on August 8, 2014. The username relates to Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way,” and the “mg” is the initials for Ren’s real name, which is MinGi.

Then on the first day of 2016, Ren changed his username to “Bornthisren,” which stayed until April 9, 2017, before changing it to “glorypath.”

NU’EST Ren Showcases His Talent As A Musical Actor In Everybody's Talking About Jamie And Hedwig And The Angry Inch

Aside from his angelic visuals and warm vocals as a member of NU’EST, Ren has also been captivating the hearts of many as a musical actor.

His first musical acting in 2020 has immediately landed him the lead role, and it was an impressive achievement for the cheerful idol.

Ren portrayed the character of Jamie in the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. The musical depicts the story of a teenager who overcomes prejudice and bullying to be able to step out of the darkness and become a drag queen.

Not long after, Ren received another lead role in the musical Hedwig And The Angry Inch. He portrays Hedwig, a transgender singer from East Germany who wants to live a new life through music.

To note, the musical has established itself as the longest best-selling act of any South Korean licensed musical since its premiere in 2015.

Meanwhile, Ren is actively promoting with NU’EST as the visual and vocalist. The group debuted in 2012 under Pledis Entertainment and has recently released its 2nd full album, Romanticize, with the title track “Inside Out” in April 2021.

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