08 Jun 2016 1:06 PM +00:00 UTC

NSW Government Launches $20M-Fund Project To Attract Star Wars, Game of Thrones, And More Big-Budget Productions

The government of New South Wales wants to attract mega-budget Hollywood and Australian productions into the state, and it has now launched a $20 million-fund project to do so.

The campaign, titled Made In NSW Fund, plans to draw the likes of Star Wars and Game of Thrones to shoot films in the state.

Deputy Premier and Arts Minister Troy Grant is supported by Australian actors Bryan Brown, Miranda Tapsell, Adrienne Pickering, Hunter Page-Lochard and Mandy McElhinney.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Grant described the fund as "a warning to the other states in Australia that we're taking you on and we're going to beat you."

While Grant claimed that the fund is targeting television projects, he sees the possibility of the fund attracting Star Wars.

He added:

Why can't we make the next Star Wars episode here? Why can't we bring Game of Thrones here?

While aiming for large-scale productions like Game of Thrones can be a concern, Grant confidently said:

...It's about the next Game of Thrones probably. A production like that, if you have a look at it, there's no reason in the world that couldn't be made in Sydney if you look at the quality of the work done by our crews and art departments and heads of department.

Currently, Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant is filming in Sydney, but Queensland has attracted more recent high-budget productions in the movie industry like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Thor: Ragnorak.


Made In NSW will double the state's spending on film and television production, which already caters to productions such as Love Child and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Grant sees the fund bringing at least $300 million in production in addition to thousands of job opportunities for the citizens.

If the state can indeed offer these productions what they need and as long as their quality will not be compromised, I see no reason why Star Wars and Game of Thrones can't shoot in NSW.

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