Noah Howley's Star Trek Movie Might Not Include the Abrams Cast

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Noah Howley's Doctor Doom project might not be going anywhere anytime soon but the acclaimed filmmaker is working on the next Star Trek movie, which some fans are calling Star Trek 4. Considering how good the man is when it comes to characterization and trippy stories in shows like Fargo and Legion, we can only imagine the kind of epic he'll make with a franchise like Star Trek.

Fans have been wondering if we will be seeing the J.J. Abrams Star Trek cast in his movie but Noah Howley gave an unclear answer. While he did say that his movie is still fairly early in development, Howley did tell The Hollywood Reporter that "It's early days. I don't know. But new characters often involve new cast."

It looks like Howley is going in a completely different direction and the fact that he'll be casting new characters is going to get a lot of people talking. This is also going to make fans of the well-received Abrams Star Trek cast sad since they wanted more adventures after Star Trek: Beyond, which is a severely underrated blockbuster film. No joke, it was better than both of the Abrams installments.

Whatever ends up happening with his "new beginning" for Star Trek, we'll be more than down to check it out. Now that Star Trek: Picard is coming out and Quentin Tarantino is working on his own Star Trek movie, it looks like this franchise's future is better than ever.

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