No Time to Die Actress Ana de Armas is Catwoman in New DC Fan Art

With the news of Ben Affleck coming out of his brief Batman "retirement", DC fans are now looking into the possibility of the DCEU's caped crusader sharing some screen time with an OG character from the Batman mythos.

A stunning fan-made artwork is making the rounds all over social media depicting Knives Out actress Ana de Armas as the DCEU's Selina Kyle aka Catwoman alongside Affleck's Dark Knight.

For quite some time now, fans have been lobbying on social media for Ana to become part of the DC Extended Universe but they have a different character in mind — Zatanna. While I'd have no complaints should she take on the Catwoman mantle, I'd much rather see her as the Mistress of Magic. Heck, I'd be even down to seeing her portray Talia al Ghul just for the fact that the Batman-Catwoman dynamic has been played out on the big screen.

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Credit: Lionsgate

In other news, de Armas is starring in Daniel Craig's final outing as the famed secret agent James Bond, No Time to Die which is currently aiming for a November 2020 theatrical release.

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