No Definite Plans for Defenders Season Two or Luke Cage Season Three (Yet)

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With Luke Cage season two proving to be a success and the anticipation for Iron Fist's second outing, it seems like Marvel's Netflix-verse continues to be a hot commodity. Season three plans for Jessica Jones and Daredevil have already been revealed, along with a second season of The Punisher so fans are curious as to what will be next.

During the Television Critics Association (TCA), Netflix VP Cindy Holland was asked about the possibilities for a second season of The Defenders or the third season for Luke Cage. Though not completely dismissing the ideas for either, Holland said there are currently no plans to bring each show back. Not yet anyway.


This isn't too surprising when it comes to The Defenders since Matt Murdock's status quo is a bit of a mystery right now. Daredevil season three is supposed to come out this year so that will hopefully answer some questions but until then, we shouldn't expect a street vigilante team-up anytime soon.

Luke Cage not getting a season three right away is a bit odd since season two is considered as a huge improvement to many fans and critics alike. Maybe Netflix is working on Heroes for Hire, which will pair up Cage with Iron Fist, but that's all just speculation at this point.

Iron Fist season two is the latest Netflix Marvel series coming out and is expected to debut on September 7.

Via Deadline

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