23 Feb 2017 10:46 AM +00:00 UTC

No After-Credits Scene For Logan, But Expect Something BEFORE The Movie

The press screenings for Logan have proved to be a success, and a lot of hype is building up towards Hugh Jackman's last outing as Wolverine. News has it that the movie will contain no after-credits scene, but there will be a few extra minutes in the theatrical release that wasn't shown to the press.

After Collider confirmed that Logan won't have anything coming after the credits, it was revealed that Logan may have "something cool" in store for the fans. The site writes, "After doing some digging I've learned I wasn't altogether wrong about Logan having something cool for the fans. But instead of it being after the credits, maybe it's before the movie has started…"

Given their history in the comics, and Logan being Jackman's last Wolverine movie, fans are hopeful that this could be an interaction between Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Logan. Fans have been hopeful that Jackman and Reynolds could come together for a crossover with their two characters, but seeing that Jackman is already "hanging up the claws," this pre-movie scene could be the fans' final hope to ever see old Wolvie clashing with the Merc with a Mouth.

What's in the scene? Nobody knows, but audiences are sure to find out when Logan hits theaters March 3.


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