Nightwing Has a Shocking New Status Quo

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Nightwing has been one of the most popular members of the Bat-Family and his solo series has been doing well since the Rebirth era launched. For the most part, the series hasn't deviated away from the character's status quo but that all changes when next week's Batman #55 comes out.


DC Comics revealed that Nightwing will be shot in the head at Batman #55. This will result in the character losing his memories of being a superhero and a member of the Bat-Family. Oddly enough, Dick Grayson is actually pretty content with what's happened to him, though that will likely change since Bludhaven will soon be in need of a new guardian.


Replacing previously solicited writer Benjamin Percy will be Red Hood: Outlaw author Scott Lobdell. He will be taking over from issue #51 till issue #53, so fans will be able to expect a new writer by the time #54 comes along. Then again, Lobdell may want to stay if he has any creative ideas for the character.

To say this status quo is different is a huge understatement. It will be interesting to see how they get Grayson back in costume; assuming that actually happens. DC could do something crazy like have Tim Drake be Nightwing but fans wouldn't react to that well.

Nightwing #51 comes out on October 17. Batman #55 hits comic stores next week.

Via Newsarama

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