Nicolas Cage Shares His Take on the Criticisms Against Marvel Movies: "I Don't Understand the Conflict"

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With the dominance of the comic book genre in movie theaters for the past several years, there has been a debate if those films should be considered "cinema." Several filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and many more have shared their takes to which some of them have been against the dominance of Marvel movies. Now, an award-winning actor, who has also played a Marvel character in the past, has chimed in on the neverending debate.

Speaking to GQ, Nicolas Cage was asked about his take on the criticisms against Marvel movies nowadays including from his uncle Coppola to which he expressed his disagreement and defended that he doesn't see any issue about the dominance of Marvel movies. "Yeah, why do they do that?" he said. "I don't understand the conflict. I don't agree with them on that perception or opinion."

Cage also believed that the popularity of the comic book genre does not affect the other kinds of movies that are being made. He stated, "I think that the movies that I make, like Pig or Joe, are not in any kind of conflict with Marvel movies. I mean, I don't think the Marvel movie had anything to do with the end of the tweener. By tweener, I mean the $30 to $50 million budget movie. I think movies are in good shape. If you look at Power of the Dog, or if you look at Spencer, or any of Megan Ellison's movies. I think that there's still Paul Thomas Anderson."

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"Marvel has done a really excellent job of entertaining the whole family," he continued. "They put a lot of thought into it. I mean, it's definitely had a big progression from when I was doing the first two Ghost Rider movies. [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige, or whoever is behind that machine, has found a masterful way of weaving the stories together and interconnecting all the characters. What could be wrong with wholesome entertainment that is appealing to the parents and the children, and gives people something to look forward to? I just, I don't see what the issue is."

It is nice to hear that Cage doesn't mind the dominance of superhero movies in movie theaters nowadays. After all, he has previously starred in the Ghost Rider films so he is familiar with the hard work that takes in order to make them and he knows the kind of storytelling that the genre can do. A lot of people might agree with his point, but it's a debate that will go on as the movie industry landscape keeps on changing. Right now, as the numbers showed, the audience flocks to comic book movies the most and it's the kind of entertainment that they want to see nowadays.

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Cage's next film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is set to be released in theaters on April 22.

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