Niantic Might Be Preparing To Launch Pokemon Go In China

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Pokemon Go might finally be making its way to China.

Back in January this year, China decided to ban Niantic's popular gaming application to avoid security concerns with Pokemon Go's GPS. Respecting the country's decisions, Niantic kept Pokemon spawns, gyms and Pokestops from the Chinese mainland. Though some would argue that Hongkong does have Pokemon Go, the region has been able to maintain its own level of autonomy in East Asia.

However, new reports by Pokemon Go gamers on The Silph Road subreddit indicate that Pokemon Go briefly activated near Taiyuan, China. According to gamers in the area, Pokemon spawns, gyms and Pokestops appeared in the area for a several hours before disappearing entirely.


Could Niantic be thinking of bringing Pokemon Go to China? Though other countries have also banned Pokemon Go, the country remains one of the gaming apps' biggest untapped market with more than 600 million smartphone users left without the ability to play the game.

While it's possible that the appearance of Pokestops, Pokemon spawns and gyms in China might have been a mistake, gamers in India and Japan say that Niantic used to conduct similar "test runs" in the countries before they launched the app.

Let's see whether Pokemon Go really does make it to China.

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