Niantic Delays Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2

Niantic has bent over backward a lot to make sure Pokemon GO is still a fun mobile game that a lot of people can enjoy. The company has made it possible to play from home, albeit with walking still being a necessary part for catching Pokemon, and it's been a success. Since the game has still been going strong, a lot of gamers were excited for Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2 but it looks like they're going to have to wait a bit longer.

On Twitter, Niantic stated that they would delay Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2 due to a technical issue. The company promised more updates on their social media in the near future, so fans looking forward to more events from this mobile game should definitely do that. It's a shame really but technical difficulties are just something online games go through.

Pokemon GO has made billions of dollars since its debut, proving that this wasn't just another fad. While it's not the worldwide phenomenon it once was, the game still has a big fanbase and is actually more fun now than it was at launch. Maybe once this whole Coronavirus thing is a distant memory, we can all play Pokemon GO and make friends in the street again. I miss that.

If you haven't yet, Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices. The game also has in-game purchases that people can pay real money for.

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