NFL Star and Magic: The Gathering Foil King Cassius Marsh is Opening a Trading Card Store in California

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Cassius Marsh is set to open Cash Cards Unlimited in Westlake Village this Friday

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Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker and Magic: The Gathering influencer Cassius Marsh is opening Cash Cards Unlimited in Westlake Village, California this Friday.

Marsh, who's been playing the popular card game since 11-years-old and has competed in high-level Magic tournaments including the 2017 Grand Prix Las Vegas, has announced that the grand opening of Cash Cards Unlimited will be on February 26. His store offers popular trading cards like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and collectible sports cards.

Watch the video shared on his Instagram account:

The video shows that the store will also have anime-inspired paintings on its walls: illustrations of One Piece, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and Naruto can be seen, showing the NFL star's passion for anime and card games.

"I've always recognized the value in Magic Cards," Marsh, who calls himself "Foil King", told Sports Illustrated. "It was kind of this unseen market. To see what Magic has done, Pokémon cards have done in the last six months, sports cards, to see the explosion of collectables and trading cards, it's pretty unreal."

"All of this stuff, it's art," Marsh added. "For the new generation, these cards are similar to buying a Picasso. They're high-end collectibles. High-end art. A lot of these pieces are extremely rare. Some of these sports cards are one of one. It's like getting a personal piece from a famous artist. It's just in its infancy right now."

In an interview with KNBR, Marsh talked about his passion for MTG: "It's something I'm very passionate about off the field. It's a big-time mental game, so for me, off the field, it helps me escape after a long day at work, just get into my little nerdy world. It's definitely helped me develop mentally. I don't know how that's translated to football, but it's extremely challenging mentally."

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