New World Episode 7 Release Date And Time, Preview: Will Lee Seung Gi, Heechul, Kai, Eun Ji Won, Park Na Rae, Jo Bo Ah Escape The Island?

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Netflix actively treated fans of Korean variety programs as the global platform housed Busted! and other shows that provide laughter to their viewers. During the Tudum: Korea Spotlight, Netflix has announced one of its much-anticipated Korean variety series.

Premiered on November 20, 2021, New World stars Lee Seung Gi, Super Junior Heechul, EXO Kai, Eun Ji Won, Park Na Rae, and Jo Bo Ah. These six personalities in the Korean wave industry are invited to an island wherein they will strategize and sabotage each other to earn virtual currency, which they can convert to real money on the final day.

Here is what happened to New World Episode 6 and what we can expect in episode 7.


New World Episode 6 Recap

New World Episode 6 sees the island residents in a tight battle between the top three and bottom three. At first, Seung Gi, Heechul, and Jo Bo Ah team up to turn the security cameras off while Kai, Eun Ji Won, and Park Na Rae form alliances to turn the CCTV on.

This time, the game suggests that if the bottom three succeeds in turning off the majority of the security cameras, their bank account balances will be exchanged to the top three. Seung Gi thinks they are at an advantage because of Heechul’s cart.

However, Kai and Na Rae seem to get the hang of it as the two easily find the cameras and turn them on. Eun Ji Won is initially with the top rank team, but he gets swayed by Seung Gi’s reasoning, so he turns the cameras off.

But, Jo Bo Ah was one step ahead of them and became the mastermind at the end of the game. After fooling Seung Gi, Heechul, and Eun Ji Won into believing that she is on their team, she makes sure that every camera they turn off is turned on right after.

On the other hand, an intruder suddenly breaks into each member’s home and makes a ruckus. It turns out that he is a werewolf that was once a participant in the New World. He offered the residents money to help him escape the island.

Meanwhile, the updated rankings reveal that Kai is the top resident with the most accumulated money, and as expected, Heechul was last.


That night, the lottery resulted in Seung Gi winning 900 million Nyang (the currency used in New World).

New World Episode 7 Release Date And Time

New World Episode 7 is set to be released on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 3:00 PM KST. The Netflix-exclusive variety show started airing on November 20, 2021 and from then on, released new episodes every Saturday.

New World is expected to end on the same day with episode 7 and episode 8.

New World Episode 7 Preview

New World Episode 7 preview sees the fifth day of the residents at the island. The mermaid’s day requires them to work as a team and is a vital game during their stay as they will get eliminated if they fail.

The residents won the game, but things were not yet over when their escape became blurry. They have to participate in the last survival game to determine whether they can leave the island or not.

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